Allen Edmonds ‘Neumok’ oxford collection


With the return of HBO’s hit series drama Boardwalk Empire, we’ve decided to embark on a hunt for stylish wingtip oxfords – a task much harder than it seems. We wanted to find a wingtip that would fit the wardrobe of our infamous protagonist/antagonist, Nucky Thompson. Today we look at a beautiful pair by Allen Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds is one of America’s most dominant shoemakers. They create beautiful products with exceptional quality. Ask anyone who knows a thing or two about men’s style and they’ll tell you that a pair of Allen Edmonds is one of the best investments you can make. Along with the style and comfort they provide, a pair of Allen Edmonds are extremely durable. You know the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’? Well with AE you get more.

These shoes last a lifetime – can you say that about any pair you own?

The Neumok caught our attention because of the raw and rugged leather uppers and distinguishable contrasting laces. I don’t know what it is about contrasting laces but they really make an ordinary shoe extraordinary. The Neumok comes in 4 colors: blue, brown, olive and red – each pair with a different set of laces.

Behind the name ‘Neumok’

The Neumok is play on pronunciation of ‘new’ and ‘amok’ in regards to the Amok, a desert boot Allen Edmonds created a year before the Neumok. And just like the Amok, the Neumok comes unlined – unusual for AE since the majority of their footwear come lined with soft calfskin/premium leather. The AE design team wanted an adaptable feel to counteract the shoe’s raw exterior in an attempt to mold a classic style into something contemporary.

The Allen Edmonds Neumok is available at Shoe Metro and Zappos – check availability and bargain.

‘Neumok’ Style Guide


  • Raw uppers allow for more versatility and casual pairing with jeans/chinos
  • Contrast laces give a unique feel
  • Variety in color allows for versatility when matching outfit
  • Work exceptionally well with wool suits
  • The more wear in the leather the better they look


  • Although supple, unlined may cause discomfort on bare feet for some
  • It’s not under $200