Are these the BEST women’s running shoes?


The best running shoes come with a price

Golden Goose is a high-end Italian designer brand, and it’s no wonder we are presented with such a remarkably high price tag; but then again, you get what you pay for. The Golden Goose Marked Running Sneakers offer us materials and craftsmanship that has not been seen in other women’s running shoes.

The Marked Running Sneakers come in two distinct colorways: gray and black. The black variation of these women’s running shoes offers a suede trim upper with silver tone print and black markings that run along the shoe. The gray variant offers a round tapered toe with textile mesh detail.

The two colorways offer the signature star and other additional perforated details. What separate the two colorways are the linings; the black offers a fabric while the gray offers leather. Both of these women’s running shoes are 70% leather, 30% polyamide with a 100% rubber sole. And both are made in Italy. This ensures the comfort and quality of the highest grade.

So the question is simple:

How exactly do we judge the best running shoes?

By definition, best is described as:

Of the highest quality, excellence, or standing. Most advantageous, suitable, or desirable.

The Golden Goose Marked Running Sneakers are of the highest quality, excellence and standing. They offer us craftsmanship that simply blows the competition out of the water. They are the most advantageous, suitable, and their aesthetically pleasing detail makes them desirable.

These women’s running shoes are the best running shoes. Hands down.

The Golden Goose Marked Running Sneakers are available at ssense