Stunning Animal Crest Illustrations by Andreas Preis


We’ve discovered creative genius! This man’s work is modern, refreshing and unique – unlike anything you’ve seen before. His name is Andreas Preis and he comes from Berlin, Germany. In his latest series entitled ‘Grow’, Andreas presents us his depiction of animal crests.

How does Andreas Preis make his animal crest designs?

Andreas claims that majority of his work is done by hand – 95% of the artwork was designed using pencils and fineliners. He only uses Photoshop to sharpen the design and add color.

The ‘Grow’ series is available on men’s and women’s shirts and hoodies. Andreas also has a series of zodiac signs, all done in his distinct style. Check out his work!

Where to find his work?

Andreas Preis’s work is quite popular at Behance, where his 26 projects have already drawn his page over a million views.

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