the Beginning of the End: H&M’s breakthrough in Quality


For the longest time, H&M has sacrificed quality in favor of low-prices. The demand for affordable, well-fitting products has been high in the last few years. H&M has always taken the back seat when it came to ‘premium’ quality, which the student/youth age category didn’t seem to mind – affordable products that fit like tailored designer brands. It’s only a matter of time until H&M is no longer viewed as an inexpensive alternative. This could be the beginning of the end.

As of recently, H&M has started introducing premium imported leather into their shoes and boots – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The prices of these items are more expensive than their synthetically manufactured precursors, but not by that much. On average, H&M’s premium footwear products are around $99 USD (40% more expensive than the low-grade merchandise). Considering the fact that there’s a reputation of ‘low-grade affordable’ around the brand’s name, we might just be getting more than what we pay for.

Premium footwear available at H&M.

Will H&M’s ‘premium’ price-tag discourage young buyers?

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