Unique Luxury Shoes Cost $16,000! Ivan Crivellaro

Ivan Crivellaro 60s hippie flower sole expensive double monk

These unique pieces are not just shoes, they are works of art. Ivan Crivellaro has a special technique when adding the polished finish on his work; the use of champagne crystal have earned him the nickname ‘Champagne Shoemaker’. Ivan Crivellaro shoes will range from $590 USD$920 USD, while some unique collectibles will be just under the $16,000 USD range. Who would pay for 5 figures for a pair of shoes, you ask? Italian lovers-of-luxury footwear and foreigners.

Not only are the shoes themselves unique in their construction, but the sole is like a canvas for art. It makes you not wanna walk in them, but rather keep them in a display as a part of a collection.

These highly exclusive pieces are all hand-made. For information about purchase check out Ivan Crivellaro’s Facebook page.
San Valentino Torio, Italy

Ivan Crivellaro Double Monk Burnished Toecap

Ivan Crivellaro Tweed Tassel Herringbone Wing Tip slip on

Ivan Crivellaro two tone oxford

Ivan Crivellaro expensive shoes, tasseled loafer tweed plaid and leather wingtip

Ivan Crivellaro samurai sole lace up

Ivan Crivellaro beautiful unique expensive hand made custom sole