Luxury Hobo Raw Leather Boots

Alexandre Plokhov Crosta Low Boot

Like a boot caught by a cartoon hobo while fishing in a pond for food – that is the first thought that enters our mind when we see this luxurious creation.

Alexandre Plokhov’s latest silhouette brings back memories of watching ’50s style cartoons, the hobo boot in particular. Now at first, the idea of a hobo boot may sound repulsive but take a moment to realize something; the style in the ’50s was much better, both in aesthetics and quality. A cartoon hobo would use his home-made fishing rod and in an attempt to find food, but instead would get a boot. The boot was never purchased by the hobo, it was only found by him.

The Crosta low boot from Alexandre Plokhov’s SS13 collection has an interesting raised round toe that when viewed from the profile, offering a similar silhouette to a 1950’s hobo boot. Even the uppers are made of raw leather. Make no mistake, this is an extremely high quality boot that looks like it drew inspiration from Bed:Stu’s earlier collections. Made in Italy.

Edit: Nick Wooster wore these in brown.

Crosta Low Boot ($1,260 USD) from Alexandre Plokhovavailable here

Crosta Alexandre Plokhov