Black Pebble Leather Turquoise Panel Boots

Black Pebble Brogue Turquoise panel boots

Why conform when you can be different? Mark McNairy puts a twist on a classic brogue boot. Usually blue is most often used in combination with black. Alternatively, this boot uses a turquoise panel. The Cownes could have been more over the top with a contrast sole, but the current one offers a very classic look. Don’t be fooled with the simplicity, gold texture print accompanies the sole. We won’t tell you what it says but knowing Mark, it probably rhymes with ‘Duck Hue’. Made in the UK.

Conwes Pebble Leather Boot. Mark McNairy ($540 USD). SSENSE

Pebble Leather Brogue

Turquoise Black Pebble Boots

Textured Pebble Wingtip Turquoise Panel