Star-Embellished: The Closest Thing to Streetwear Ball Sneakers

Givenchy Star-Embellished ball sneakers 1

Givenchy releases another Star Embellished sneaker for their spring/summer 2013 line; but unlike the previous release, this one comes in one solid tone…black. The similarities with the blue/white from the SS13 collection are nearly identical. This version also offers the perforated toebox, the padded heel counter, the gold tone hardware and leather linings. The key differences – this one sports clean, all black uppers on an all black sole in hi-top form.

Out of all of the designer sneaker manufacturers, Givenchy is producing the closest thing to what we know as a ball/athletic sneaker. This is probably due to the AF1-like toebox and ankle strap. This sneaker is out now and you can grab your pair here. If you’re not feeling the black colorway, check out the freaky green Star-Embellished hi-tops.

Givenchy Star-Embellished ball sneakers 2

Givenchy Star-Embellished ball sneakers 3