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White Raglan Jacket

White Raglan Jacket Raf Simons SS06

White Raglan Jacket from Raf Simonsavailable here ($2,940)

Polka Chambray Vans

Polka Chambray Vans Era CA

Two different colorways are available: dress blue & thyme. Unlike the conventional Era these offer a set of rolled laces and will set you back $80.

Era CA Polka Chambray from Vansavailable here

Forever gentleman

Forever gentleman train stop waiting


Stylish Businessman

Stylish Businessman on the Phone

Making the call in full-out accessories.


Dirty Sneakers x Ripped Jeans

Dirty Sneakers x Ripped Jeans

Everyday casual style.

Map of the World Dress Shirt

Map of the World Dress Shirt

Match the shirt with the watch.

World Map Button Down from Band of Outsidersavailable here ($325)

Velcro Skinny Jeans

Velcro Skinny Jeans hipster swag

Waiting around.

Olive & Orange

Olive & Orange men's fashion double breasted

Bold combination.

‘All Black’ Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

All Black Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

All black monochrome – keep your eyes peeled for this one. Retailing at around $85.

The Style of Scent: An Introduction to Men’s Perfume

Style of Scent: introduciton to men's perfume clive christian

One of the most neglected aspects of style is scent; quite unfortunate, considering the sense of smell is most substantially associated with memory. The purpose of a fragrance isn’t to hide the hideous body odor that emits from your pores, but rather to complete the overall package you are presenting as an individual. Read more…