Spezial Clear White is ADIDAS’s Most Confusing Colorway

ADIDAS Spezial Clear White

You might be feeling a little confused, scared and somewhat abandoned…worry not little lamb, we felt the same once we learned the name of this colorway. The most recent Euro-release of the ADIDAS Spezial has left everyone scratching their heads and wondering why. Why the f#@! did they name it Clear White when this shoe is clearly light beige & coffee-cream brown?! Is this some sort of sick joke, ADIDAS?

The shoe offers a wafer thin tongue – an adidas Originals classic – with gold lettering on the side that reads, Spezial. The shoe is lined with leather, for that premium feel that will never go out of style. Although rubber and knit seem to be the material of choice nowadays, it’s good to see ADIDAS going back to its roots and keeping it classy with the basics. The name might be confusing, but the shoe is extremely clean…we forgive you, ADIDAS.

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