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Seersucker × White Loafers

Seersucker x White Loafers #streetstyle

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Leather × Suede Monks

Leather × Suede Monks brown & blue

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Adidas × Tom Dixon Minimalist Traveler

adidas × Tom Dixon Minimalist Traveler

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Caramel Wholecut

Caramel Wholecut Lace Up #menswear

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Dub Monks

Dub Monks, rain umbrella #streetstyle

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Old Soles

Old Soles Well Worn Rugged shoes

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Bandana Navy

Bandana Navy Shoes Thorocraft 2013

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Micro Checks × Wingtips

Micro Checks x Wingtips rumble streetstyle men's fashion


Casual Male Fashion Blog

Casual Male Fashion Blog saddle shoes backpack texting

Nice saddles.


What Type of Shoe is That?

What Type of Shoe is That Soletopia guide shoe terminology oxford blucher derby balmoral

We decided it was time to update Soletopia’s Guide to Shoe Terminology with a Dappered-inspired infographic. This was made as a rough guide to help people understand the shoe terms that get thrown around. We’ve covered the Oxford, Blucher, Derby, Balmoral, Saddle, Austerity, Brogue (half, full and quarter), Monk, Spectator & more. We also look at the different toe cap terms such as, the Cap Toe, Medallion & Perforated. More after the break: Read more…