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For once, be the best dressed man in the city

Best dressed man in the city sleek derby shoes

That sleek derby silhouette looks like it’s meant to be on a pair of oxfords. Nice gloss on the suit! Very sharp.


a Seated Gentleman windowpane + herringbone suit

Seated Gentleman Windowpane Herringbone suit Brown shoes

Marvelous, just marvelous.

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If Jax Teller Dressed Formal

If Jax Teller Dressed Formal Sons of Anarchy

Justin O’Shea’s biker-does-Saville-Row style.


This video will make you Love Wearing Suit Jackets

J.Crew Men Style suit fabric Holy Jackets

The suit doesn’t just have to cover. It has to dress up…it should be like a second skin.

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Slick haircut, Mr. Draper

Don Draper Grey Suit & Slick Hair

Jon Hamm of Mad Men; April 7th 2013 on AMC.


Why Grey goes well with Orange…

Bright Orange jacket, wool grey suit, white shirt & coffee

Business savvy class in combination with neon orange style. Crazy contrast but it works.

Multi-tone white Peak Lapel satin lapel Wool/Silk Suit

Multi-tone white peak lapel satin suit

Wool/silk blend suit with unique two-tone satin panel peak lapel. Made in Italy.

Satin panel Suit ($1,500 USD) from Tonello

Classy Hooligan navy fitted suit + spread collar

Classy Hooligan navy fitted suit spread collar Comodo Square SS13

Comodo Square SS13


Mad Men peak lapel grey Don old fashioned smile

Sitting in Grey Wool

Sitting in Grey Wool beige moc suede yellow laces + jacket over shoulders