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I wish the milkman would deliver my milk…


…in the morning – This is an oldie but a goodie: Alden has created a boot for Blackbird entitled the Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot. The boot was inspired by the shiny shoes often worn as a part of the milkman’s delivery uniform. Blackbird collaborated with the prestigious Alden to create this masterpiece. It’s a shell cordovan, and it’ll run you $650 USD; available here. More pics after the jump Read more…

Preppy hipster student style menswear


A non wingtip version of the Alden shoe above can be purchased here for $840 USD.

trousers; Wallace & Barnes
sport coat; Utility
cardigan; Flecked Cardigan
shoes; Alden


Extraordinary suede boots by Alden

Extraordinary suede boots by Alden, 'Indy' suede boots in marble

The Indy suede boots have the nicest color of suede we’ve seen in a while. Extraordinary! The Indy boots are available at Tres Bien & Farfetch for $740-$797 USD.
larger image here.

Alden x Frans Boone derby brogue black & brown


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