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Lino Ieluzzi Blue Blazer, Blue Shirt + White Pants - Summer Look Double Monk Strap Shoes
Lino Ieluzzi Black Suit & Tie, formal menswear suede monk strap black
Lino Ieluzzi Light Blue Windowpane Coat, Two-Toned Tasseled Wing Tips

How Many Buttons to Undo on a Dress Shirt? Lino Ieluzzi

Lino Ieluzzi Now and Then, Old and Young; How many buttons to undo on a shirt?

Lino showing off skin in his youth. According to Italian culture, if a man has one button undone on his shirt, he is taken. If he has two or more, he is single and ready to mingle.

Lino in blue


Lino Ieluzzi lighting one up in style…


Imperfection is never a mistake; it is a sign of humanity. You must break free of the rules, break the perfection - and never conform to the standards.

Lino Ieluzzi’s Quote on Imperfection

pocket chain Legend, Lino Ieluzzi’s menswear


“The only thing a real man should do in the house is make love to his wife and polish his own shoes. Everything else, the woman should do by herself.”

– Lino Ieluzzi


Old man that always smiles, Lino Ieluzzi

Old man gray hair always smiling in street photography & sartorialist, Lino Ieluzzi

Old Time Hustler, Lino Ieluzzi


Ear to ear grin, in every single picture.

pocket square; Forzieri ‘Framed’available here.