$5,000 for a Women’s Shoe Designed by Kanye West

During the Giuseppe Zanotti S12 runway collection, we received some unexpected news. Two pairs of shoes were designed by Kanye West. They are currently available on the market. The shocking part is – one of the pairs costs $5,000!

Why is this shoe so damn expensive?

The shoe on the left is a stiletto sandal made of calfskin and encrusted in embroidered pearls. Although the stiletto is out of price range for most of us, some of you will have the fortune of wearing a pearl necklace on your feet. Official retail price: $4,968.07 (plus shipping & handling).

The other shoe in this Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti collaboration, appears relatively affordable compared ($792) to the first one. It’s a black stiletto sandal with calf velvet.

Assuming money wasn’t an option, would you spend $5,000 on a pair of heels designed by Kanye West?

The shoe on the left is available here while the black sandal is available here.