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Colorized Tattoo Parlor Image from the ’20s

Colorized Tattoo Parlor Image from the '20s 1

The art form of colorization, adding color to black & white, sepia or monochrome images, has been more frequent as of late. Read more…

Shave Like a Man & Use an Axe
Worn out beat up gloves tell a story of violence, Mike Tyson
Cereal Magazine Issue #1
Vintage Shoemaking, Kid with an Eye patch

From Black & White to Color: Adding color to historical images


Artist, Mads Madsen brings us the colorized versions of historical photos – AMAZING! What’s more amazing is that these stunning re-makes only take him 20-30 minutes per portrait to colorize; and slightly longer for an outdoor shot with lots of details. Check out his portfolio here. Enjoy the images below: Read more…

On Set Images of Joker, Bane, Two-Face, Batman & Christopher Nolan


It’s always interesting to see behind-the-scenes images; because they’re so skilled, we tend to forget they’re acting. Read more…

The Perfect Camera for Street Photography

Perfect tool for street photography

This is the best tool for street photography, period. Those fortunate enough to have used the M9 say it’s like nothing else. There is a learning curve to using this rangefinder camera however; but that only makes the photo-taking process that much more gratifying.

M9 Rangefinder camera body ($6,355 USD) from Leicaavailable here

Become a wine EXPERT in minutes with this CHART

Wine chart for the lazy gentleman

Have a date and want to impress her with your wine skills, but don’t want to spend hours studying wine? This will help you WEASEL her in. Behold the lazy-man’s guide to wine chart: Read more…

Minimalistic sea