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Pay Attention to ‘My Darling Fury’ – New Music

My Darling Fury old Gills and Wings

The band formerly known as Gills & Wings, featured on MTV’s reality show The Real World, has broken up. They had a very modern and unique sound while the clear and crisp lead vocals were reminiscent of Freddie Mercury’s. Read more…

Listen to Black Atlass ‘Paris’ (Single)

Black Atlass Paris

Amazing track from Alex Fleming aka Black Atlass. Check out his website/tumblr here. Read more…

Mayer Hawthorne ‘Her Favorite Song’ feat. Jessie Ware

Mayer Hawthorne 'Her Favorite Song' feat. Jessie Ware

Mayer Hawthorne is evolving as an artist. Previously known for making comedic lyrics,

“It started as sort of a joke, just for my family and friends. I never planned for a career singing doo-wop.”

Read more…

Listen to ‘Designer Drug’ by Mayer Hawthorne NEW Single

2013 Mayer Hawthorne designer drug new single

Mayer Hawthorne’s latest single has an electro-funk vibe along with his humorous lyrical style. Great feel-good song overall. We look forward to his new stuff! Have a listen below: Read more…

Gayngs ‘The Gaudy Side of Town’ Baby-Making Music

Gayngs The Gaudy Side of Town

What a fresh track! In case you’ve missed this in 2010, here’s some exposure for this baby-making track. Read more…

Sam Smith ‘Lay Me Down’ (Acoustic Version Live)

Sam Smith 'Lay Me Down' Acoustic Version live

Rising UK talent, Sam Smith gives us his first single LIVE…and he does it in a very minimalistic fashion – piano and his melodic vocals. Enjoy: Read more…

Female Robbery by The Neighbourh​ood

Female Robbery - The Neighbourh​ood

I Think I found Hell…I think I found God.

Check out this indie track from The Neighbourh​ood: Read more…

Half Moon Run ’21 Gun Salute’, evoking emotion

Half Moon Run

From their album Dark Eyes, Half Moon Run delivers a beautiful indie track. 21 Gun Salute offers soothing vocals with a minimal sound, with hints of electronic, in the beginning. This minimal sound becomes extremely complex and layered while evoking emotion; perfect for Film or Television. Read more…

M83 ‘Wait’ BEAUTIFUL rainy day song & a TIP-TOP video


M83’s latest video entitled Wait offers the same stuff all M83 videos offer…beautiful cinematography, amazing visuals and a very nice track. This track offers a beautiful & eerie sound with waves of happy (if that makes sense at all). The perfect rainy day music, check out the video after the jump: Read more…

Chromatics ‘Cherry’, nostalgic sound indie/electro


Chromatics provide an indie/electronic vibe in their most recent song, Cherry. Nostalgic sound. Read more…