American Psycho Author, Bret Easton Ellis’ New Film


We are graced with a teaser for Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver/Raging Bull) and Bret Easton Ellis’ (American Psycho/The Rules of Attraction) latest work, The Canyons. The film stars Lindsay Lohan and porn star, James Deen – sounds appealing so far…

The trailer leaves a lot to the imagination, revealing absolutely nothing about the storyline. ‘Coming Down’ by Dum Dum Girls plays over a series of shots, scenery of Los Angeles. But if it’s anything like most LA films starring 20-something year olds, it’s probably about 20-something year olds trying to make it in LA.

Despite having a micro-budget, independently funded by Kickstarter, an inexperienced cast and Lindsay Lohan, we still feel that a cult classic is about to be born. Take a look at the teaser trailer below:

The Canyons (Teaser Trailer)

Will ‘The Canyons’ be a success or a complete disaster?

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