Pattern Types on Sport Coats – the simple guide


It’s a lot easier finding that ‘perfect’ suit jacket once you know what the pattern is called. Here’s a simple guide to help you in your narrow down the sport coat of your desire. So let’s get right to it.

Glen Plaid

Glen plaid is considered by many as the most iconic suiting pattern available.
Alternative Names: Prince of Whales

Checked Plaid

Checked plaid was dopted as the sport-shooting pattern in American gun clubs in 1870s.
Alternative Names: Gun Check

Blanket Plaid

Blanket plaid is a very heritage pattern considering it originates back as far as 400 B. C. Blanket plaid is any large-frame woolen plaid.


The houndstooth pattern gets its name from having teeth-like checks, much like the teeth of a hound. This style was popularized by the infamous Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel.


Windowpane was considered to be completely out of style up until recently. It’s funny how style makes a 180 degree change like that.