IWC’s Guide 5 Ways to Extend Your Watch’s Life

IWC's Guide 5 Ways to Extend Your Watch's Life

IWC brings out another video from their series entitled, The Man’s Guide to Buying a Watch. This time we are presented with 5 recommendations on maintaining a mechanical watch. These recommendations will ensure that you get the most longevity out of your timepiece. If you own a mechanical watch, consider the following:

1. Avoid Vibrations

Sport vibrations can cause damage to the 500+ pieces found in mechanical watches. This includes dropping your watch – some watches are more delicate than others.

2. Avoid Magnetism

Loud speakers with strong enough magnets can damage your watch if they’re kept too close to each other. Magnetic covers of laptops can damage the watch as well.

3. Rinse after Salt Water Exposure

If a watch is water resistant, you should rinse it with tap water after being exposed to salt water.

4. DON’T Adjust the Calendar Between 8PM and 2AM

Changing the watch’s calendar between 8PM and 2AM during this time frame can de-synchronize the watch.

5. Be Delicate with Chronograph Timing

Use as little force as possible to use the chronograph timer of your watch.

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