Gourmet Nove Athletic Inspired Shoes

Gourmet Nove Athletic Inspired Shoes 2L Vegan

When we take a look at the Gourmet Nove athletic inspired shoes 2L, our first thought is ‘Nike Air Force 1 High’. But then again, any high top that offers a Velcro ankle strap will resemble an AF1. Gourmet did a great job with the Vegtan/White colorway on the Nove 2L ($110 USD). There are so many sneakers out there that it’s easy to say,

“Hey they totally copied that shoe!”

Yeah, there’s a strap; and yeah, this is a high top, but let’s take a look at the differences.

Key Differences: Gourmet Nove athletic inspired shoes


The Nike Air Force 1, in comparison to the Nove 2L, has an overall rigid look. The sole is much higher and the angle of the vamp is linear; AF1 is very geometrical. The Nove 2L on the other hand has a softer look with round edges – the toe cap in particular.

Mouth & Sole

The mouth (shoe opening) of the Nove 2L is a lot wider, it may offer less ankle support but it’ll offer a lot more comfort than the AF1. A lot of athletes complain about the AF1 strap causing discomfort to the front of the ankle. Most athletes will keep the straps undone. You won’t run into that problem with the Nove 2L.

Herringbone Sole has Best Grip & Best Traction

Herringbone Soles Offer the Best Performance. Period.

That little zig-zag patterns on the sole of the Nove 2L is called herringbone. It’s often seen on fancy menswear such as tweed suit jackets or even ties. That noble pattern just so happens to offer the best grip/traction ever. It’s a shame Nike (and most other current athletic shoe labels) stopped producing it. The AF1 Hi offers that circular crap pattern on the sole. It wears out quick and doesn’t provide half the traction of herringbone.

Uppers & Details

While the uppers of the Air Force 1 offer more clutter and rough stitching, the Nove 2L is smooth and creamy. The vegetable tan colorway makes for a delicious looking piece of footwear. The ankle strap is in a different color while the midsole offers three small holes near the heel.

The Nove 2L does share the basic characteristics of the Nike AF1, however when you take a look at the shoes in detail you can see that they’re worlds apart. The Air Force 1 is a classic but we gotta give this one to Gourmet. Outstanding work.

Gourmet Shoes Logo

Gourmet Shoes Logo

Quattro Skate C Looks Like a Basketball Shoe

Although it’s dubbed ‘Quattro Skate’ there’s nothing really skate about this shoe. The silhouette screams ‘basketball’ and the two-tone color scheme screams Air Jordan 12.

Jordan 12 Inspiration for Quattro Skate C 1

Jordan 12 Inspiration for Quattro Skate C

That only thing skate about the Quattro Skate ($70 USD) is the canvas uppers and flat sole. Overall the Jordan XII takes the cake. Leather uppers, thicker midsole and a herringbone toe and heel panel – one of the nicest pairs of retro Jordans you can purchase. Gourmet seems to have bit off more than they can chew with this one. However, the price tag of the QS is very reasonable. You may not have a superior piece of footwear (Jordan XII), but from a far no one will tell the difference.

Gourmet Nove Athletic Inspired Shoes 2L Vegan 2

Jordan 12 Inspired Gourmet Quattro Skate C