Instagram for Windows Phone 8 Concept

Instagram for Windows Phone 8 Concept Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia has been making its return as a true competitor in the smartphone market ever since the release of their beloved Lumia 920. With the addition of PureView, the Lumia 920 offers one of the best cameras (if not the best) on the smartphone market. It’s unfortunate that Instagram is missing from the Windows Phone 8; a great looking and fun to use OS that most new HTC and Nokia phones come with.

Why the Instagram for Windows Phone 8 concept should become a reality

clindhartsen of deviantArt has designed an Instagram for Windows Phone 8 concept visual of what Instagram could look like on this elegantly simplistic mobile operating system. While WP8 is still behind iOS and Android, an increase in popular apps such as Instagram would push sales for WP-based devices. This would also lead to a sturdier competition in the mobile world. More competition between operating systems would lead to cooler features for the users. We certainly hope to see Instagram on Windows Phone 8 in the near future.

Exploring the possibilities of an Instagram client for Windows Phone, this idea takes cues from the apps signature look and feel, as well as integrating elements of the Windows Phone user interface that would make this app unique to the platform.


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