PRADA Cap Toe Oxford + Crepe Sole & Patent Leather

PRADA Cap Toe Oxford Patent Leather Crepe Sole Dress Shoes

They’re HOT! This pair of shoes is so high in demand that they’re being limited to three pairs/month.

They offer a beautiful silhouette in that shiny patent leather that drives people wild. They also sport a crepe sole – common on chukka boots and less formal footwear. When you take an elegant cap toe oxford, combine it with a casual crepe sole and extravagant patent leather uppers, you get the ULTIMATE dress shoe for men. Made in Italy. Grab a pair today!

Identifying PRADA Cap Toe Oxford Shoes

Don’t be fooled by retailers – most of the time what they’re selling as an oxford is actually a derby/blucher. Just look at the lace-up closure of the shoe above; it’s as if someone cut a slit on a single piece of leather. That’s what a real oxford shoe is supposed to look like.

Spazzolato Cap Toe Oxford ($695 USD) from PRADA

PRADA Cap Toe Oxford Patent Leather Dress Shoes

PRADA Cap Toe Oxford Spazzolato Crepe Sole Shoes