Start Exploring with Fingerless & Knitted Gloves

OBEY Knit Oatmeal Fingerless Explorer Gloves

They may not be warm, but they look dope.

It’s pretty hard to explore the Arctic if your fingers are frozen solid. The OBEY knitted fingerless explorer gloves are not suitable for all conditions, considering they’re 100% cotton. Maybe it’s best to explore your neighborhood before you take on the Arctic. They offer a suede palm patch to keep those palms soft for future handshakes.

Fingerless Explorer gloves ($40 USD) from OBEYavailable here

Our Thoughts on the OBEY’s Explorer Gloves:


  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Moderately warm


  • Too cold for harsh winters
  • Definitely NOT for exploring

What would you wear the OBEY Explorer Gloves with?