Tasteful Camo Button Down Shirts, Is There Such a Thing?

SOPHNET. Faded Camouflage Over Print Button Down Dress Shirt

SOPHNET.’s SS13 collection gives birth to a tasteful camo over print shirt.

Camouflage print seems to be getting a lot of hate in 2013; SOPHNET. is trying to change all of that by creating a very tasteful faded-camouflage print button down dress shirt.

The Japanese clothing line has created two variations of the streetwear shirt, one in full camo print and the other with the sleeves left without a print. We prefer the full camo shirt because the other one just looks like you’re wearing a camo vest.

The shirts are now available through SOPHNET. distributors.

Faded Camo Over Print Shirt ($275 USD) from SOPHNET.

Our Thoughts on the SOPHNET. SS13 Camo Print Shirt(s):


  • Very wearable camouflage print
  • Versatile for camo


  • Poor collar, easy to wrinkle
  • Streetwear priced like high-end formalwear

Is this camo more wearable or is it the same old sh*t?