The First Ever Dr. Martens Sneaker/Shoe?

Dr. Martens lace-up shoes

Dr. Martens progressing their footwear line to leather sneakers/shoes?

Dr. Martens has quickly become one of the finest shoemakers in the game. It is 2013 and we are presented with the first ever sneaker style shoe.

From the top, the wide derby lace-up closure resembles a hiking boot, while the side silhouette resembles a sneaker. The sole is the only thing that gives away the Dr. Martens craftsmanship.

We’re very excited to see what Dr. Martens comes up with in the near future, as their designs are getting better and better.

Farrell Shoes ($85 USD) from Dr. Martensavailable here

Dr. Martens black sneaker shoe

Dr. Martens burgundy sneaker shoe