Two-Tone Two-Texture Gorgeous Wing Tip Oxford Shoes

Toe medallion on best wing tip for men

Every once in a while we’ll stumble upon a shoe that’s so gorgeous, it leaves us speechless. Take a look at these beauties:

The Gordon is one of the most decorative oxford wing tips we’ve seen this year. This one features a beautiful medallion on the toe cap + a punched heel. The shoe offers two-tones and two texture leather uppers; waxed laces and a beautiful silhouette to go along with them.

This shoe will get you noticed by even the snobbiest of critics. It looks elegant because it is, and it looks expensive because it is – a luxury item for sure.

Gordon Two-Tone Oxford Wingtips ($1,135 USD) from Foster & Sonavailable here

Leather Sole on Best Shoes for Men, Oxford

Two-toned wingtip oxford shoes for men, similar to Nucky Thompson shoes