Dark grey drop crotch trousers by Poème Bohémien

Cool dark grey drop crotch pants

Cool, casual, lightweight and comfortable – basically sums up a pair of drop-crotch pants. If you’ve never owned a pair, you are seriously missing out. If you’re low on cash, this particular item may not be for you. For a more affordable variation, check out the Santiago Chino by Humor ($116 USD). However, if you’re fortunate enough to have $600 lying around, by all means indulge.

For those of you living in North America, a pair of low crotch pants will set you apart form the crowd. This is a big hit in the UK and it’s easy to see why – especially when you realize how comfortable they are.

Drop Crotch Trousers, Poème Bohémien ($575 USD). FARFETCH