Del Toro Ostrich Alto sneakers in navy & beige

navy Ostrich chukka Alto Del Toro

We can always count on Del Toro for a pair of luxury sneakers – hate ’em or love ’em, Del Toro is known for producing quality. Here we have a chukka sneaker with ostrich leather uppers. The latest colorway added to the Ostrich Alto collection is beige; same as the navy version with the exception of having a gum sole bottom. Each shoe sports a wavy-herringbone-like pattern on the ball/heel panel of the sole. We don’t know why companies refuse to stick with classic herringbone for sneakers when it has been proven to hold the most traction than any other pattern. Handmade in Italy. Check out the pictures below:

Ostrich Alto, Del Toro ($1,000 USD) – available here

Navy Ostrich Chukka Alto Del Toro 2

Beige Ostrich chukka Alto del toro

Beige Ostrich chukka Alto Del Toro 2

Del Toro Ostrich Chukka