New Balance & Streetwear: can they co-exist?

Suede drop crotch street wear

A long striped t-shirt, drop crotch sweatpants & a pair of suede New Balance sneakers; there are mixed reviews for the proper footwear and pair of trousers when leaving your house. Those who lean towards a more refined style will never be caught in a pair of sweatpants, no matter how trendy they are. They will also leave the NB sneakers for running. The street wear crowd, on the other hand, will love this look.

If your style is more street, how would you feel about substituting a pair of NB for something slimmer such as the Nike Blazer Mid VNTG? Certain lower-cut NB silhouettes can work with with a pair of chinos, and despite this being a comfortable pair of drop crotch sweatpants, we still feel that the current kicks could be improved upon with a different trainer.