French Beige NMD Primeknit

French Beige NMD Primeknit by ADIDAS ORIGINALS

June is turning out to be quite the month for fans of the NMD Runner. ADIDAS ORIGINALS have released several models this month, including the one shown above. Feast your eyes on the latest ADIDAS ORIGINALS NMD Primeknit dubbed, French Beige – although the official colorway is known as ‘Vapor Grey’.

This time the sneaker features the NMD’s famous slogan, The Brand with Three Stripes, in French (La Marque Aux 3 Bandes). The shoe maintains a two-tone colorway where everything, except for the midsole, is in vapor grey. The shoe is releasing in limited quantities so get your hands on a pair today!

Buy it at adidasUS | 43einhalb