9 Billion Pores
Per Square Inch

NMD Gore-Tex

Smooth new look and improved performance.

NMD Gore-Tex

Pull-tab looks unique and makes it easy to slip them on.

NMD Gore-Tex

Also available in black.

NMD Gore-Tex

Beautiful contrast – white uppers on a black Boost midsole.

Can You Really Wear A Knit Sneaker
In The Rain – Stay Dry – And Prevent
Moist Sweaty Feet?

Have you ever worn a pair of knit sneakers in the rain? It’s not fun. Throw some wind in the mix…and you’re gonna have a bad time.

Nothing’s worse than cold wet feet. The second worse thing? Moist sweaty feet. That’s usually what you get when you try to anticipate the rain – and you reach for a waterproof shoe. The problem; most waterproof shoes aren’t breathable. Pretty soon your feet are cooking. And before you know it, you gotta run to the drug store to pick up a prescription for that foot fungus.

But…there might be a solution. There might be a way to wear knit sneakers – to look fresh and to feel comfortable – and to never worry about the rain.

Introducing the Latest City Sock Gore-Tex

The latest ADIDAS NMD City Sock Gore-Tex is the only knit sneaker you can wear in the rain, without having to worry about your feet getting soaked. Why? Because it features Gore-Tex – a high-performance fabric. This stuff is so powerful, it has 101 different uses…but above all, Gore-Tex is used for…

Breathable Rainwear

Breathable rainwear!? Is there such a thing? People often say, “If it breathes, it’s not waterproof.” And most of the time they’re right. But with Gore-Tex, it’s a little different. And here’s why:

Gore-Tex has a microscopic ingredient that sets it apart from all other waterproof fabric. This tiny superhero prevents water drops from coming in, while allowing air to flow out. Can you guess what the ingredient is? Probably not.

It’s called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE for short)

It offers 9-billion tiny pores per square inch. Each pore is 1/20,000th the size of a water droplet. It stops water droplets from coming in – but it allows vapor (your sweat) to evaporate out. Your foot cools down before it even has a chance to sweat!

Pure Comfort

This means your feet won’t sweat while wearing the ADIDAS NMD City Sock Gore-Tex. No sweat = pure comfort (for your feet).

The latest ADIDAS NMD City Sock Gore-Tex is available in two colorways: Black on White and White on Black. The color scheme adds contrast and balance to the futuristic looking shoe. It can enhance your wardrobe – like the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for – to complete the look. Primeknit Gore-Tex uppers will keep you cool, comfortable and DRY. Your friends will envy you; especially on those days when you’re hit with an unexpected shower. Because while their feet are getting soaked, yours are dry and comfortable.

Each step in this shoe feels soft (yet responsive) thanks to the BOOST midsole – the most responsive midsole ADIDAS has to offer. And after hours of walking, your feet feel as comfortable as they did with the first step.

The ADIDAS NMD City Sock Gore-Tex officially releases today (Thursday, November 23). Supplies are limited. If you don’t buy them today, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to buy them tomorrow.

Head over to SNS and grab your pair before it’s too late.

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