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Overcoats usually extend below the knee, whereas topcoats end at or above the knees.

Lessons in Style – difference between Topcoat and Overcoat

Dark and slim never fails, no matter how many pieces your suit is.

Lessons in Style – Slim for the Win

A 'Blazer' is solid in color with metal buttons - usually nautical. A 'Sport Coat' has pattern, can be multicolored & is considered more casual. A 'Suit Coat' is a 'Sport Coat' with matching trousers - simple.

Lessons in Style – difference between Blazer, Sport Coat and Suit Coat

A good tailor can make a $100 suit look like a $1,000 suit, and he'll make that $1,000 suit worth every penny.

Lessons in Style – a Proper Tailor is Highly Underestimated