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Blue suit, white sneakers & white deep crew

Blue suit white deep crew white sneakers

Such a simple & clean look. No socks needed.


Chris in SoHo

Chris in SoHo off white Indigo


Getting old doesn’t have to suck

Getting old doesn't have to suck


Sunday pin stripe suit & bracelets

Sunday navy pin stripe suit bracelet knit tie


How to ace a job interview

How to ace a job interview

Intimidate them by dressing to the nines and wear some double monks.

Cool blue wool suit pop collar

Stop sign red suiting

Stop sign red suiting Simone Marchetti

Simone Marchetti


Extremely classy two-panel grey plaid tie

Grey plaid pattern skinny tie amazing soletopia

Very well put together but how about that tie? Grey plaid two panel tie that transitions diagonally through a cut from plaid to solid grey. Extremely classy.

How to properly button up a double breasted suit jacket

Elegant Blue Pinstripe suit & tie & watch

Elegant blue suit & tie pinstripe

Matching the wardrobe around blue. Pay attention to the details, the tie, the suit and the watch face. Beautiful contrast buttons on the jacket match the stripes.