‘JV Original’ John Varvatos Info & Review


A dark and mysterious scent with an overwhelming allure. It has all of the components of a fall/winter fragrance. A fantastic ‘date’ scent – available here

Top Notes

Medjool, Date Fruit, Mediterranean Herbs, West Indian Tamarind Tree Leaves

Middle Notes

Coriander Seed Templar, Clary Sage Flower, Indian Ajowan

Base Notes

Auramber, Vanilla CO2, Balsams, Eaglewood, Vanilla, Black Leather

‘JV Original’ John Varvatos Video Review


  • Unique
  • Wonderful smell
  • Draws compliments
  • Great date scent


  • Longevity

The phrase, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” fits perfectly into this fragrance. This scent is near perfect, aside from the fact it doesn’t last very long on most people’s skin. It opens up like a bull, coming straight at you for the first several minutes, until it finally dissipates into something more subtle.

The smell opens up with a brilliant dark, sexy and mysterious spicy sweetness. You can’t pin point the smell but it draws you in. After about 30-90 minutes, the scent dries down into a subtle vanilla sweetness.

JV Original has all of the characteristics of a fall/winter/spring fragrance without the longevity. You can extend the life of this fragrance by wearing it in the summer. Definitely worth giving it a try.


Sprays: 4 – 5

ONE spray on each neck pulse point. ONE spray on the chest. Either ONE spray on each wrist and let them air out or ONE spray on either wrist, clasp together and release (NEVER rub the scent into the skin).

‘JV Original’ by John Varvatos – available here