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Kiton: a Fragrance Similar to Green Irish Tweed

Kiton: Fragrance Similar to Green Irish Tweed

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CREED Millesime Imperial

CREED Millesime Imperial best cologne for men

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Acqua Di Parma Colonia

Acqua Di Parma Colonia

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Cheap CREED Alternatives

Cheaper Creed Alternatives MI OS BdC

If you’ve been reading up on your perfume game, you’ll know that the CREEDs are considered kings when it comes to natural smelling & safe scents.

What we mean by safe is, you can buy a CREED for yourself (or as a gift for someone else) without having to smell it first. Because everyone who smells a CREED fragrance usually loves it. They also smell unique. They don’t smell like the basic fragrances that everyone wears. Which means YOU won’t smell like everybody else. The only downside, these fragrances are very expensive.

But don’t worry. We’ll show you three great smelling alternatives that smell like the real deal…but are much more affordable.

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For Italian Gentleman

For Italian Gentleman Acqua di Parma

The Acqua Di Parma line was featured in the 2004 film, Alfie (starring Jude Law).

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The Style of Scent: An Introduction to Men’s Perfume

Style of Scent: introduciton to men's perfume clive christian

One of the most neglected aspects of style is scent; quite unfortunate, considering the sense of smell is most substantially associated with memory. The purpose of a fragrance isn’t to hide the hideous body odor that emits from your pores, but rather to complete the overall package you are presenting as an individual. Read more…

WTF?! GQ’s Fragrance of the Week is Artisan???

WTF GQ fragrances of the week is John Varvatos Artisan?

After last week’s ‘interesting’ picks for the FiFi Awards (fragrance awards), held in London, we get another ‘interesting’ pick from GQ UK’s fragrance of the week: John Varvatos Artisan. Read more…

Ancient shoe-shaped perfume flask from 1st century B.C.

1st Century BC Shoe Shaped Perfume Flask

Just goes to show that people have been working on their fragrance game for quite some time… Read more…

Will Wearing Cologne Get You Laid?

Beautiful women Californication Hank Moody

With the endless supply of information found on the internet, we’ll tackle one of life’s greatest mysteries…will wearing cologne get you laid? Read more…

Aphrodisiac Perfume for Men

Back to Black by Kilian

The juice in this beautifully packaged bottle is extremely nice and will garner many compliments. This is a dark, sweet, sensual and alluring fragrance that drives most women wild. The name aphrodisiac is well-deserved.

Back to Black 1.7 oz ($250 USD) from Kilian