Pure class fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez Musc for Him Info & Review


This is one of the sexiest classy men’s fragrances you will find. It’s an EDP (Eau De Parfum) so the quality is above average. The only question remains, are you bold enough to wear it? – available here

Top Notes


Middle Notes

Red Berries

Base Notes


Narciso Rodriguez Musc for him Video Review


  • Very classy
  • Sexy smell
  • Alluring
  • Draws compliments
  • Longevity & Projection


  • Expensive
  • Linear unchanging smell
  • Not best choice for humid climate

The longevity and projection you will get with this beast is excellent. You will get 8-10+ hours out of this scent with 5+ hours of projection. This is a very classy scent that oozes masculinity and seductiveness. A great date scent if you plan on dressing up. This is NOT the type of scent you put on when wearing sweat pants and a basketball jersey.

This scent is too risky to purchase as a gift, unless the person you are getting it for is comfortable wearing refined clothing – dress shirts, blazers, chinos and classy shoes. Although this is the impression this scent gives off, at the end of the day it’s all about confidence…if you are confident enough, you will pull this one off while wearing jeans, Chucks and a t-shirt.

If you like mainstream colognes that are safe and smell like everyone else, Narciso Rodriguez Musc for him is NOT for you; otherwise give this one a try – you won’t find too many people smelling like you.


Sprays: 2 – 3

ONE spray on each neck pulse point. Optional spray on either wrist, touch wrists and release (NEVER rub the scent into the skin).

‘Musc’ by Narciso Rodriguez – available here