The Best Way of Seducing Women is with a Wolf Coat

AXE Wolf Coat Commercial Woman Man and Wolf

Sometimes women do what their noses tell them, and those times are all the time when the woman’s nose smells new Old Spice Wolfthorn.

Mysterious, dangerous, intriguing and seductive – Old Spice’s latest ad campaign makes a deodorant spray appear to smell like all of those characteristics harmonized in one. Much like the other Old Spice commercials, this ad is hilarious. A woman narrates the process of how she was seduced by this irresistibly smelling handsome stranger wearing a Wolf Coat.

The deodorant is entitled, Wolfhorn (sweet musk) and it’s part of Old Spice’s Wild Collection. The other sprays: Hawkridge (buttery almond cocoa), and Foxcrest (clean wood), are all coming soon in deodorant, antiperspirant, body wash, body spray, after shave and cologne.