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‘Speak No Evil’ Monkey Keyring

Speak No Evil brown monkey keyring 4

The three famous proverbial monkeys arrive in keyring form. Read more…

Watch two NEW Old Spice bar soap commercials

Old Spice watermelon soap

Old Spice continues to make us laugh with their hilarious tv-spots. This time they are for their new line of bar soaps. Read more…

Dexter Season 9, 10, 11 & 12 if he only had this apron…

Dexter Utility Apron, Gentleman's Apron TRVR

With enough compartments for knives, small saws, hatchets and hammers – Dexter would’ve been much more efficient, and would’ve never gotten into the mess that he’s in now. This would’ve added at least 4 more seasons to the AMC series.

Gentleman’s Apron ($68 USD) from TRVR Read more…

Ancient shoe-shaped perfume flask from 1st century B.C.

1st Century BC Shoe Shaped Perfume Flask

Just goes to show that people have been working on their fragrance game for quite some time… Read more…

Will Wearing Cologne Get You Laid?

Beautiful women Californication Hank Moody

With the endless supply of information found on the internet, we’ll tackle one of life’s greatest mysteries…will wearing cologne get you laid? Read more…

Nothing Beats an Astronaut. Ever.

AXE Nothing Beats an Astronaut. Ever. Commercials

Think firefighters and lifeguards get all the chicks? Pfft, think again… Read more…

Shave Like a Man & Use an Axe

Young Conan O’Brien with Nick Wooster Haircut During Movember

Young Conan O'Brien with Nick Wooster Haircut During Movember

Surely this is Conan O’Brien in his youth! Maybe not.


The Best Way of Seducing Women is with a Wolf Coat

AXE Wolf Coat Commercial Woman Man and Wolf

Sometimes women do what their noses tell them, and those times are all the time when the woman’s nose smells new Old Spice Wolfthorn.

Read more…

Star Wars Cases for iPhone 4 & 4s – Darth Vader, C-3PO, Chewbacca & R2-D2

Star Wars Cases for iPhone 4 & 4s - Darth Vader, C-3PO, Chewbacca & R2-D2

Cool accessories for iPhone owners who have a thing for Star Wars.

Star Wars iPhone Cases ($40 USD) from Poweraavailable here