Long Sleeve Seduction button down in red

Long Sleeve seduction shirt Button Down red Band of Outsiders

“Hey stranger, got a light?” she said, seductively undressing me with her eyes. I keep my composure and slowly tilt my head towards her, “I don’t smoke. It’s a bad habit.” She maintains eye contact for several seconds before giving me the most back-handed compliment I have ever received, “Your face is so repulsive to look at. It makes me sick…but your shirt,” she pauses. “Your shirt is irresistible.” She slips a key into my hand as she walked away in to the darkness. I look at the tab on the key – Room 1408. You don’t need to say anything when you have the power of a red long sleeve seduction button down in your possession.

Long Sleeve red Button Down ($230 USD) from Band of Outsiders