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Underqualified Success Royal Blue Silk paisley tie

Royal Blue Silk Paisley tie

“SAMSOOOOOOON! Get in my office NOW!” As my bosses roar filled the entire office hallway as he called my name, I politely excused myself from Karen’s desk, “I have to see what the gorilla wants, but I’d love to finish up this conversation another time.” Read more…

Exuding Mesmerizing Style: New Balance 1300 copper

New Balance Copper suede trainers 1300

Not only was I able to outrun the Police with these incredible trainers, but as I saw my reflection on the urban glass architecture, I was mesmerized by the style I exuded with each stride…

NB1300 Copper Trainers ($160 USD) from New Balance

All Signs Point to YES: scuffed tropical print sneakers

Down & Dirty Golden Goose Tropical Print Sneakers

“Where the FUCK have you been?!” screaming at the top of her lungs, while the neck veins around her choroidal artery become more apparent with each breath. Read more…

Long Sleeve Seduction button down in red

Long Sleeve seduction shirt Button Down red Band of Outsiders

“Hey stranger, got a light?” she said, seductively undressing me with her eyes. Read more…

LANVIN: Not all sneakers are created equal

Blue Goatskin Lambskin designer zip sneakers LANVIN

“Sir, you can’t smoke her–what in God’s name are those majestic looking things?” Read more…