Start a ‘Riot’ in safety of your own home

Riot Superbrothers Game

Riot (2013) gives the player an opportunity to experience how it feels to be on both sides of the law. Former editor and cinematographer at Valve, Leonard Menchiari was led to create an anarchy style riot game – inspired by his own protest experiences and the recent world events, particularly the situation in Egypt.

The Style Completely Ripped Off Superbrothers

The artwork closely resembles the innovative 8-bit work from Jim Guthrie – Superbrothers Sword & Sorcery. While pixel art has been around a lot longer than Superbrothers, the stationary figures in Riot are heavily influenced by Jim Guthrie’s style – to which the designers of Riot openly admit.

With the advancement of 3D graphics it’s refreshing to have an option to play something different. Although the graphics are rough and choppy, they fit perfectly into the chaotic style of the game.

Understanding ‘Riot’ Gameplay and other Info

“It is a way to make the world understand how it is to be on both sides.”

– Mattia Traverso

Although details remain unclear, head designer Mattia Traverso reveals that users can play both as police and as rioters. “There will be moments in which the police will have to use the least amount of violence as possible, and the same goes for the rioters,” he explains. “The rioters are there to spread a message, not to fight the police.”

The game is supposedly going to live out real-life riot events. The research team continually tries to raise money documenting live riots – going on in Italy, Greece, Egypt and other future locations – in an attempt to make the gameplay better.

If you’re interested in the game, it’s currently available only on iOS and Android based phones; although there are talks of creating Riot for Steam. If you’re interested, help this game get on Steam.

‘Riot’ Official Game Trailer