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The Most Expensive Game Boy Ever

Most Expensive Gameboy 18k Gold & Diamonds

The case was replaced with 18k yellow gold, and finished off with diamonds along the screen panel’s boarder. This expensive toy weighs 27oz (765g) and costs $29,000.


Bespoke Contra sweater men style

Contra sweater men style

This was labeled, ‘The Holy Grail of gifts from grandma’ for obvious reasons. Read more…

The controversial violence returns, soon-ish

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cover Art

There’s big buzz around this game, and despite the release date being several months away we thought we’d share the latest album art for GTA 5. Read more…

Retron 5: 9 retro gaming systems in 1

Retron 5 Retro gaming system

For the gamers who love the classic video games such as Sonic, Streetfighter, Super Mario Bros and even Kirby – we’ve got great news for you. Read more…

Start a ‘Riot’ in safety of your own home

Riot Superbrothers Game

Riot (2013) gives the player an opportunity to experience how it feels to be on both sides of the law. Read more…