Underqualified Success Royal Blue Silk paisley tie

Royal Blue Silk Paisley tie

“SAMSOOOOOOON! Get in my office NOW!” As my bosses roar filled the entire office hallway as he called my name, I politely excused myself from Karen’s desk, “I have to see what the gorilla wants, but I’d love to finish up this conversation another time.” As I walked into his office I was greeted with another scream, “What the hell is this garbage?! I can tell by your work that you have no business being here-” He paused. He seemed to be mesmerized by something. “You were saying, sir?” Before he could even ask the question I responded, “It’s silk. New York-based label, Ike Behar. I feel as though the royal blue really brings out the white paisley print, don’t you?” “Yes. It’s marvelous” he complied. I am not even qualified to work here, I just needed a reason to dress up every day…and for the past 4 months it has worked exceptionally well.

Royal Silk Paisley Tie, Ike Behar ($95 USD). Saks Fifth Ave.