Look & feel like a CHAMPION, the moment you put it on

Jordan Hydro 5 'Pinnacle' bronze luxury looking slippers

Jordan Hydro 5 'Pinnacle' bronze luxury looking slippers

Jordan Hydro 5 'Pinnacle' bronze luxury looking slippers

It’s Monday morning and the annoying sound of your alarm wakes you. Goodbye weekend, hello work-week. If the thought of living the same week on repeat is weighing you down…it’s time for change. Jordan can help. So stop thinking like a chump and get into the mindset of a champ!

Slip into victory

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s first ever NBA Championship, NIKE has released the ‘Pinnacle Pack’. A pack consisting of several Jordan models – along with the first ever metallic Jordan 6. Each shoe acts as a reminder of victory from the day Michael Jordan first became a champion. Each shoe has a metallic color, reminding you of a championship trophy, championship ring and the championship champagne.

Improve your mood in seconds

The moment you slip your feet into them, you’re instantly hit with a powerful sense of accomplishment. The slipper is not only comfortable, but the story behind it will be a powerful reminder that will motivate you to get out there and seize the day!

A sophisticated metallic look

Any time you put metallic coloring on footwear, you risk making it look tacky. The Hydro 5 Pinnacle somehow manages to incorporate bronze coloring with perfect balance. The white tones soothe the overall appearance of the shoe – making it much more sophisticated. At the back, on the thin heel, the word ‘JORDAN’ appears in bold letters. It’s as if one of the greatest athletes in history is right by your side, pushing you, to become the best that you can be…

to become a champion.

Jordan Hydro 5 ‘Pinnacle’