NIKE Vapormax Black Hole

NIKE Vapormax Black Hole

The first ever shoe without a foam midsole.

A Touch Of Sophistication…

Black. It’s smooth, it’s slimming and it has the power to make just about anything look more sophisticated.

Take for instance the latest NIKE VaporMax and its clean looking new ‘Triple Black’ colorway. The matte black Flyknit uppers contrast the black shine of the VaporMax outsole in a beautiful way.

If you’re unfamiliar with VaporMax, get ready to have your mind blown. VaporMax is NIKE’s latest patented technology that eliminates the need for a foam midsole. This means you’re getting a lighter shoe (because there’s less material). VaporMax allows NIKE’s designers to pack more air under your foot by creating cool new designs that are straight FIRE!

Just look at the NIKE Air VaporMax ‘Black Hole’ above. It features light Flyknit uppers which are seamless and breathable. Flyknit wraps your foot – like a sock – for a snug custom fit. The flat laces won’t untie while you walk – they’re tonal and blend into the shoe’s silhouette. And the VaporMax outsole makes it feel like you’re walking on clouds of air. This is one of the most comfortable sneakers you can experience.

Head over to NIKE and grab your pair (link below):

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