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Neon Indian ‘Deadbeat Summer’ (Toro Y Moi Remix)


“From last summer when I’d stolen a kiss…”

The best way to describe this song in one sentence: summer love song on acid. Neon Indian is known for their trippy beats, this Toro Y Moi remix is no exception – this is one DIRTY remix! Read more…

Kaskade x Deadmau5 ‘Trap For Me/Move For Me’ (Van Toth Trap Remix)

Kaskade x Deadmau5 Move For Me, Van Toth Trap remix aka Trap For Me

Some Kaskade action for ya. Read more…

Flume ‘Sleepless’ (Vindata Remix) feat. Jezzabell Doran


Some beautiful sound in this Vindata remix. Hot track! Read more…

Fake Blood ‘I Think I Like It’ (Music Video)


It’s like watching a kids show and realizing how creepy it really is. Amazing track by Fake Blood. Read more…

Giraffage & XXYYXX ‘Even Though’

Giraffage & XXYYXX even though

Another chill track by XXYYXX. Read more…

XXYYXX ‘About You’ (directed by VASH)

Chicks smoking in slow-mo xxyyxx music video 'About You' VASH

Girls smoking in slow-mo with a chill/emotional electronic song…what’s not to like? Read more…

Metronomy ‘The Bay’ (Music Video)

Metronomy 'The Bay' David Wilson, hot model sniffing pavement

An 80’s vibe throughout! Metronomy delivers a stimulating indie/house track with an enticing video to go along. Read more…

TV on the Radio ‘Will Do’ (Switch Remix)

TV on the Radio 'Will Do' (Switch Remix) - dubstep, house, electronic

A very solid electronic (mild-dubstep) remix of the original. Read more…

Moullinex ‘Take My Pain Away’ (Music Video)


Moullinex delivers feel-good house music to a weird & colorful stop-motion video. Read more…

Little Dragon ‘Sunshine’ (Music Video)

Minimalist sound that BLASTS. Awesome track!
Little Dragon, Sweden