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M83 ‘Wait’ BEAUTIFUL rainy day song & a TIP-TOP video


M83’s latest video entitled Wait offers the same stuff all M83 videos offer…beautiful cinematography, amazing visuals and a very nice track. This track offers a beautiful & eerie sound with waves of happy (if that makes sense at all). The perfect rainy day music, check out the video after the jump: Read more…

Chromatics ‘Cherry’, nostalgic sound indie/electro


Chromatics provide an indie/electronic vibe in their most recent song, Cherry. Nostalgic sound. Read more…

The Temper Trap ‘Miracle’ (Music Video)


Soothing track. Sit back, relax and enjoy: Read more…

Foals ‘Inhaler’ 2012 (Music Video)


Dope indie track and amazing cinematography in Foals’ latest music video, Inhaler. Read more…

Rhye ‘The Fall’ nostalgic (Music Video)


Rhye stirs our emotions and simulates the feeling of nostalgia through their music video, ‘The Fall’. Cherish your youth, soon all you are left with is a bittersweet memory. Read more…

Fake Blood ‘I Think I Like It’ (Music Video)


It’s like watching a kids show and realizing how creepy it really is. Amazing track by Fake Blood. Read more…

Metronomy ‘The Bay’ (Music Video)

Metronomy 'The Bay' David Wilson, hot model sniffing pavement

An 80’s vibe throughout! Metronomy delivers a stimulating indie/house track with an enticing video to go along. Read more…

Moullinex ‘Take My Pain Away’ (Music Video)


Moullinex delivers feel-good house music to a weird & colorful stop-motion video. Read more…

Little Dragon ‘Sunshine’ (Music Video)

Minimalist sound that BLASTS. Awesome track!
Little Dragon, Sweden