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Michael Pitt/Jimmy Darmody Undercut Haircut for Men

Cocktail Essentials for Men: the Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Old Fashioned recipe with Knob Creek

Every man should know the art of making an Old Fashioned. There are many variations on this classic cocktail; the one we bring you uses maple as the substitute for sugar and high quality bourbon instead of whiskey. Read more…

Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Bran, Oatmeal & Citrus Body Scrub Soap

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Bran, Oatmeal & Citrus Body Scrub Soap

“It’s a fatigue scrubber!”

Apparently New York-based Kiehl’s has made the first ever men’s body scrub soap that cleanses away the manly filth along with fatigue that has accumulated within the pores. This product uses sloughing bran and oatmeal along with citrus to help you cleanse and exfoliate like a real man. Is it any wonder it’s called ‘The Ultimate Man’ Body Scrub Soap?

Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap ($15 USD) from Kiehl’savailable here