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Nucky Thompson-esque Shoes by Zonkey Boot

Nucky Thompson-esque Shoes by Zonkey Boot

Very similar to this pair. Read more…

Nucky Thompson shoes, a Boardwalk Empire wingtip by Forzieri


There’s some very nice detail on the handmade Italian Nucky Thompson shoes.
larger image here.

Boardwalk Empire shoes, Nucky Thompson shoes


“Sometimes I forget what I look like. Then I pass a mirror and remember. I stare sometimes…at my face…and I can’t recall who I was before.”

shoes; Forzieri ‘Wingtips’available here
larger image here.

the Nucky Thompson Shoes from Boardwalk Empire in HD

The Nucky Thompson shoes from Boardwalk Empire by Forzieri HD 1

…in gorgeous tan and black.

Nucky Thompson Wingtips, Forzieriavailable here

Nucky Thompson-esque Boardwalk Empire shoes by Edward Green


These look like a lighter version of the Nucky Thompson shoes by Forzieri.

shoes; Edward Green ‘Malvern’ Spectators

Nucky Thompson’s Wing Tip Shoes in Boardwalk Empire

Nucky Thompson shoes boarrdwalk empire main

HBO’s gangster drama, Boardwalk Empire, brings the viewer life in the 1920’s. Bootlegging, extortion, gambling and other illegal and violent forms of making money during the prohibition are displayed.

This show provides an amazing storyline, top-notch acting (due to the superior cast) and brilliant costume design. One more thing we forgot to mention, Boardwalk Empire is produce by Martin Scorsese! Read more…